Analysis of the price trend of Wuhan mobile lighting car and mobile lighting car

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M-SFW6110C all-round automatic floodlight work light

In order to meet the needs of large-scale high-brightness lighting such as large-scale construction operations, disaster relief and disaster relief for military, railway, electric power, public security and other enterprises and institutions, the company has developed and produced the M-SFW6100C all-round large-scale mobile lighting vehicle, which can be used in various kinds of harsh Work under the normal work.

Second, the performance characteristics

1. Lighting performance: The lamp panel is composed of 2盏400W high-efficiency and energy-saving Philips brand lamps. According to the needs of the site, each lamp head can be adjusted separately by up and down and left and right angles, and the 360 ​​degree omnidirectional illumination can be realized by rotating. The lamp head can also be evenly distributed on the lamp panel. Lighting in four directions; the overall illumination is far and near, the illumination is high, the range is large, and the Philips bulb has a long life.

2. Lifting performance: 4 telescopic cylinders are used as the lifting and lowering mode. The maximum height is 4.5 meters and the light coverage radius is 35-55 meters.

3. Working time: When using generator set power supply, it can work continuously for more than 13 hours when fully filled with fuel. It can be illuminated for a long time by using 220V mains.

4. Operationality: The wireless remote control can control the opening and closing of each lamp within 50 meters, and use the air pump or manual air valve to control the lifting of the telescopic rod.

5. Applicable places: The lamp panel, cylinder and generator set are of integral structure. The bottom of the generator set is equipped with a universal wheel, which can run on the pavement and rail. The whole is made of high-quality imported metal materials, compact structure and stable performance, ensuring normal operation under various harsh environments and climatic conditions. The rain, water spray and wind resistance grades are 8 grades.

6, customizable: in order to meet the individual needs of customers, the standard configuration of this product can not meet the user's work needs, we can be in the number of lamps, power, floodlight or concentrating, telescopic gas lift height and generator Equipment is adjusted according to your requirements.

Third, the main technical parameters

1, rated voltage: 220V
Working voltage: 220V

2, the lamp panel

Lamp power: 2x400W
Luminous flux: 36000lm
Lamp life: 8000h

3, working hours

Filled with fuel: 13h
Connected to the city: long time

4, telescopic gas rod

Minimum height: 1800mm
Maximum height: 4500mm

5, generator set

Output voltage: 220V
Power capacity: 2000W/15L

6, Dimensions: 800x500x2000mm
Light panel size: 400x380x300mm

7, weight: 61Kg

Fourth, quality assurance

This product is strictly in accordance with IS9001: 2000 international quality management system standards for quality control, to ensure that the product is higher than the national standard, fully meet the design requirements, within 3 years from the date of purchase, any failure of the product under normal use by the company for free maintenance.
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