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[China Aluminum Network] China's construction of aluminum products started in the early 1980s, and the speed of development was the highest in the world. From aluminum profiles, aluminum doors and windows, aluminum curtain walls to hidden glass curtain walls, it was only a little more than a decade. China's construction of aluminum products is the main reason for such a rapid development: the introduction of aluminum and aluminum doors and windows production lines in more than a dozen foreign countries, the selection of the director of each country, and insisting on digestion and absorption is one of the important reasons.

Due to the excessively rapid development, many problems have also occurred: For example, the nationwide construction of aluminum manufacturers has rapidly added, the output is too large, and “the number of porridges is too low”, and most of the aluminum plant output has failed to meet the planning goals. Nowadays, it is very good that manufacturers can reach half of their production capacity. The competition for aluminum sales is fierce. There are more than 4,000 aluminum doors and windows manufacturers (not self-employed). Although the construction industry has been developing rapidly in the past two years, the demand for aluminum doors and windows is far less than the supply of aluminum. Therefore, in the aluminum industry, the composition of production is greater than the sales, aluminum doors and windows produce a great deal of energy, although aluminum doors and windows need to add quickly, but the aluminum doors and windows industry is still "a lot of porridge less." Some aluminum door and window factories in order to get the task, get the contract, unscrupulous, fraudulent users deliberately depress the project price, get the contract after the inferior generation, to fake the truth, still want to reach the intention of earning money, do not only The map is cheap, does not think about quality, and is deceived. Here's a brief introduction on how to distinguish aluminum and aluminum doors and windows for users' reference.

First, how to use aluminum profiles Many domestic aluminum factory, because a variety of conditions are not the same, there is a big difference in the output of aluminum raw materials, the sale of quotations also have a big difference, every metric ton can be poor 4 to 5,000 yuan. The aluminum ingot domestic quote is fundamentally common, in the process of processing, there is such a big difference, certainly the quality is also very different. The quantity of aluminum raw material depends on the following major factors: 1. Alloying elements: 6063 Alloys are alloys made of aluminum, magnesium and silicon as the primary elements. Each element has a certain amount of content, and the price of magnesium is high. Some manufacturers In order to cut costs, use magnesium as much as possible to allow the content. Some even worse, the content of magnesium is lower than the minimum required. There are also factories that add scrap wires and waste pots to aluminum alloys in the alloys, not to mention 6063 alloys. As a result, the mechanical strength of the aluminum profiles is very low, and they can be bent so easily that they can be bent easily with two hands and one bend. Commonly known as "noodles" are soft. This is one of the reasons why aluminum can be cheap for several thousand yuan.

The standardized aluminum manufacturers have internal specifications when manufacturing alloy components, that is, within the scope of various elemental contents. Each factory has its own smaller scale, and the demand for aluminum, magnesium and silicon is very high. Strictly, each factory has its own data and keeps them secret. There are qualified alloys formulated to ensure quality, otherwise how to process in the future, the quality will not go up.

2. How to melt the aluminum alloy smelting furnace with a good 6063 alloy melting furnace, which is also of utmost importance, now the domestic use of the furnace has a 40's level, but also the level of the 90's, and the poor manufacturers use the initial defect. boiler. There are coal-fired, oil-burned, gas-fired and electrically heated smelting furnaces. Some stoves have chimneys, and some have no chimneys. The most commonly used are square-shaped furnaces (rectangular furnaces). The leading ones are circular furnaces. Some circular furnaces can skew aluminum water. On the tonnage of one ton, two tons, five tons, ten tons, twenty-five tons and fifty tons of aluminum melting furnace. Leading a little more, in the melting furnace below plus a static furnace, static furnace 6063 alloy used in the important manufacture, in this furnace slag gas addition, standing, and then forging aluminum rod for kneading applications. The quality of the alloys produced in the initial coal-fired furnaces and in the modern circular furnaces is certainly not the same. In general, the furnace, regardless of the burning of thorium fuel, should have a chimney, and most of the exhaust gas slag generated during the burning of fuel can be discharged from the chimney. If the smokeless exhaust gas slag is completely melted in aluminum water, the aluminum rod for kneading is cast, and there are serious slag inclusion bubbles inside. This is one of the causes of the low aluminum raw material, which is also one of the reasons why aluminum is cheap.

1. Use Surface Mount System to install electron component. High quality stable and more quality consistency.

2. Pass germany TUV testing, have EMC and LVD certificate.

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