Door and window hardware should also cater to the trend of energy saving and environmental protection

Liu Xuelin said that industry exhibitions such as Shanghai International Door and Window Exhibition can help to enhance the industry's influence, consolidate the brand and open up new channels, which is meaningful for understanding customer needs.

In view of the fierce competition in the door and window industry, Liu Xuelin said that Hehe Construction Hardware is the largest door and window hardware enterprise in China, and is also in the leading position in product development and quality control. The company will also implement energy conservation and environmental protection in production. 99% of the dust in the hardware production process can be recycled, which not only protects the environment, but also protects the health of the frontline employees.

For the development trend of the door and window industry, Liu Xuelin said that in the face of the trend of energy conservation and environmental protection in the whole society, the door and window industry must also transform in this direction. Including doors and windows hardware should also cater to this trend, reducing the heat transfer coefficient. Construction hardware should also improve product quality, with better and heavier insulation glass.

Liu Xuelin also said that the export of Hehe's hardware products relies heavily on the network. I believe that the future network will become one of the ways to sell building materials.

Material :Natural slate , quartz,sandstone ,marble etc . 

Size       :1-5mm,5-10mm ,4-8mm,8-12mm ,12-18mm etc .Can make the shape as your requirement  

Shape   :machine process :gravel or pebble stones

Packing :  wooden pallets.

 The wooden pallets  size is made as the container size . After loading the wooden crate in the container ,the wooden crates will nearly same size with the width of the container .It can make the wooden crate not have space to move during transport . In this case ,it can keep the stone safety mostly

Application : Can be used to decorate the outside wall or inside wall .Decorate your house ,decorate your life .

Gravel Pebble

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